Chloe Stevenson our new girl of fame.  Chloe was interviewed for TV3’s Attitude TV last month.  Chloe works for Fairfax Media NZ and the show was based on Fairfax Media NZ's leading by example in employing people with disability.

Chloe says "she felt happy but emotional at the same time when she saw herself on TV".  "The emotions were happy ones.  She felt nervous at first and had to watch Emma her colleague do it first and this gave her the confidence to do it herself."

Chloe said "they asked me to do my normal duties while filming the broadcast", so she was loading the photocopier with paper, doing the mail and duties in the kitchen area.

When asked if she would like to come on TV again, Chloe replied "I would like to come on Home and Away".  Chloe also said that coming on Attitude TV has made her realise that she would like to do it again and the next time she does she will be ready for it.  Chloe also mentioned that she got feedback from a colleague in her office, they said she looked "brilliant" and one girl she met on her way home said she looked "great".

Awesome work Chloe, we look forward to seeing your dreams come true.


Chlo Stevenson





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