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Connecting employers who want to engage a more diverse and inclusive workforce with young disabled job seekers.


PolyEmp is a charitable trust whose purpose is to support young people with learning disabilities towards their goal of sustainable employment. We currently work in partnership with the Employment Skills Courses at Unitec and Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT).

Our work is founded in the belief that all people have the right to contribute to society through equal employment opportunities. 

PolyEmp came into being 25 years ago when a group of tutors, families and support services saw that this particular group of people

were falling through the cracks. When they had completed the course, although they had the skills and motivation to be employed,

there was no support available to support them with their career goals and aspirations.

PolyEmp is fortunate to have a Board of Trustees from professional backgrounds and those with a lived experience

of learning disability as family members. They guide and support our Mission and Vision.

PolyEmp has one office based in MIT in South Auckland and one office at Unitec in Central Auckland. Our staff group comprises of a group of passionate experienced people who are committed to ensuring the very best outcomes for both employers and the young people we serve.




Miles Donald, National Manager

Machinery House

I have had the pleasure of working with the Polyemp team and can’t say enough about how much they support not only the new placements but also us. We don’t have to worry about a thing as they make our life so simple.

I would highly recommend any company out there to talk to the PolyEmp team and give someone a go, to provide a job that will give the clients purpose and responsibility".

 Ivy Norbury/ Head Chef

 Little Jimmy

As the head chef of a busy restaurant I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing group of people at PolyEmp. They have looked after their clients and the employers with the upmost respect, grace and loyalty. This organisation is most definitely something that I hope to work with for many years to come. Thank you all for everything you do, for everyone involved.   

 Parth Engineer,

Compass Group

A heartfelt thank you to PolyEmp who support people with learning disabilities. As an employer it feels good to provide an opportunity to  help overcome barriers that people with disabilities can face in the workplace, and develop the talent and value they offer on different levels.  PolyEmp team clearly go beyond to support the employer and individual while providing exceptional care to make a better life for the whole family.  Keep up your great work and happy to help whenever required"

Connecting employers who want to engage a more diverse and inclusive workforce

with young disabled job seekers.


Ask yourself, why exactly can’t we employ a person with a disability?

We can support you in making these changes in a way that creates a positive impact for your business.

As the Employer ...

The success of any business depends on having the right people in your workforce. When you employ someone, ensure you do not limit your talent pool and overlook the skills individuals with disabilities have to offer. Sometimes adjustments are needed when employing a person with a disability, this does not necessarily cost money, it usually means "doing things a little differently".

We can support you in making these changes in a way that creates a positive impact for your business. Employing a person with a disability is no more of a risk than employing anyone else – and an employee with a disability may have talents that could really benefit your business. For example; their experience could increase your knowledge of dealing effectively with customers with a disability.

Ask yourself, "why exactly can't we employ a person with a disability"?

Our offer to you :

  • We will work closely with the Employer to match the Employee to the right job.

  • We support the Employer to access wage subsidies if required. 

  • We will share the responsibility with the Employer for the job training by working alongside the Employee whilst they are learning the job.

  • We will provide ongoing information and back up to both the Employer and Employee to ensure success in the job.

  • As the Employer we have included important links to consider...

This is a great story that Annamarrie shares with us


Our proud supporters play a very large role in keeping this charity achieving goals and getting more of our job seekers into employment.  


Proudly supported by 



“I truly love making new friends. I have learnt so much about cooking and just being in a job that helps me being a part of the Little Jimmy team . PolyEmp helped me all the way to get this job. ”


The team at PolyEmp are always keen to hear from employers who are interested in offering young people the opportunity of being part of the workforce.



We know that getting a job is important for people with a learning disability but finding and keeping a job can be difficult to do on your own. We will support you to have the same chance to get jobs as any one else and will provide you with an employment advisor who will meet with you on a regular basis and provide tailored help to prepare you for work. 

Personal and supportive service

You will have your own employment advisor who will stay in touch throughout your journey into and during work. We get to know you, answer any questions you may have and put you on the road to paid employment!

Support with your job search

Using information from your career plan, we'll work alongside you to search for the perfect job for you. We will coach you for interviews and attend them with you.

Guidance on how to get the job you want

We we help you find a job that will match with your education, health, hobbies and interests, lifestyle and any previous work history.

Help to overcome the barriers that prevent you from working

 Worried about losing your benefits?  Not very confident?  Concerned you don't have the right skills or experience? These are just some of the common barriers people face and stops them entering the workforce. We can help you overcome these barriers so you can get into paid employment.

Training and


We give personal training and

long-term support until you achieve independence in the workplace. 

Tailor-made and flexible support


We offer you the support you need. we do not believe in " one size fits all"



Employer Awards 
Employee Awards 


One of Poly-Emp’s success stories is Aelinor, who started her first day at her new position in August. Her job is within the merchandising sector at Pak N’ Save Royal Oak. 

 Goodman Property are really
excited to have Jason working for them. He creates scale models that are used in the marketing of theri developments. 

For Jim Chang, going to work each day provides far more than just a pay check. Here he is in his new workplace at Cake Concepts 





Manukau Office  

P O Box 94-006


Manukau city


C: Cathie Klatt

E: Cathie.Klatt@manukau.ac.nz

P: 09 980 9660

M:  021 552 860

Pt Chevalier Office  

P O Box 44-288

Pt Chevalier


C: Margaret Reilly

E: mreilly@unitec.ac.nz

P: (09) 892 8375 

M: 021 552 861

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